Thursday, November 27, 2008 want a turkey or a dog? Romo....Romo...Meet the world!
So in a really impuslive decision we decided to take this beautiful puppy off the hands of one of our friends!
He is so sweet...and HUGE! Like seriously his front paw fills up my lie!

He's a Bordeaux.....he will be about 120-145 lbs...and eat his weight in food! lol

I'm really excited...I have never had a large large dog like this...just labs so this will be an adventure. I'll keep you posted and put up more pictures over the weekend!

Now Thanks giving went off smashingly! It's hard to beat good food and family in my book so I'm content here on the couch in my comfies and blogging.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight time....

OK allow me a few minutes to act like my inner 13 year old girl.

Bhagini, Jennifer and I went to see Twilight last night after work. The movie was at 7:35 pm so Jennifer and I headed straight from down town to Plano in her car and met Bhagini there, who was kind enough to go and get us a spot in line.
Jen and I got there and immediatly grabbed food for all of us. Jen and I had hotdogs and Bhagini had a pizza. We split some pretzel bites and cheese, slurped our sodas and crunched on popcorn. This was all the hour before we were even allowed in to be seated.
There were a bazillion little girls with likeone mom as the chaperone....then there was a large handful of grown up girls like us....interspursed with a few boys and Dad's that were forced to come. One older Dad had a shirt on that said "Your scent is like a drug to me!" That was cool!

The movie was awesome...don't worry there are no spoilers here. I went through the first 10-15 minutes of the movie critiquing the book to the movie changes...then I decided I just needed to turn my inner critic off and watch and enjoy the movie for the movie itself.
One thing I do want to vent about is the horrible horrible weave they put on Taylor Lautner aka looks like they fashioned it together with barbie hair and elmers glue...
hopefully the profits for this one will be good enough to get better hair and makup people for the next 3 movies....oh I can't wait!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just for you!

I hate Said!
; )
now quit your bitchin'!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

She's so crafty!

Baby Logan's very first one!

Closer look at the disappearing nine patch and the back of the quilt.

Snickers seems to like it!

Yeah for Onesies!
Bandana pants...what's not to love!

Baby Karington's bandana quilt.

Here is a close up of the basic nine patch and back of the quilt.

what the hey!

Five names you go by:
1. Kate
2. KK
3. KP
4. Katie
5. Pookie-my dad's nickname, not Scott

Three things you are wearing right now:
1. Pants
2. itchy jacket
3. too tight belt

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. a comfy bed and my throat to stop hurting
2. a promotion/raise

Two things you did last night:
1. Had a work related meeting
2. played with Madison

Two things you ate today;
1. yogurt
2. nothing else yet...but I'm starved

Two people you last talked to on the phone:
1. Bhagini
2. Sarah

Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
1. work - ugh

Two longest car rides:
1. Vancouver Canada- parents drove...I slept...I was 9 yrs old
2. Washington DC to Lubbock- end of a long tension filled road trip made it back in less than 24 hours! I think I still have a scar from the projectile Kleenex box that was launched at my head!

Two of your favorite beverages:
1. Diet Dr Pepper
2. you have a problem with that?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Martha Stewart...where does she get this stuff?!?!?

I am sitting here on the couch...Scott's running a fever and layed down early and Madison is tucked away fast asleep. Martha is keeping me company as I search through recipes in search of "something different" as requested by my husband when we were discussing Thanksgiving dinner and side dishes. Thanksgiving is a big deal since I've moved to Dallas because my parents come HERE! I cook and mom and dad sit and relax and I get so much pleasure from that. The holidays are always hard for brother's death is something we always remember and honor him most during the holiday season.

The picture above is from our first Thanksgiving here in Dallas. My first Turkey! Me and my mom and Madison were all crammed in our little apartment kitchen bumping and elbowing each other as we mixed and chopped...It was so much fun..
Good times...we struggled so much that year but the smiles I see on our faces and being here on the couch today make it worth it.

OK holy crap how long was my hair? Hum..maybe I'll let it grow back out...oh who am I kidding?!?

This last picture is in honor of my mother's wonderful Scottie, Duncan. He suffered several strokes over the last few months and my mother finally had to make the horrible decision to put him down just a few weeks ago. We will miss you Mr. Dunky Dog.....I love you!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things that make me happy!

Miss Madison
    The Most Beautiful Doughnut Ever

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Take me roads

So Scott and I went to Lubbock and on the way down there we talked about our lives and leaving and why we left and what would bring us back there, what we miss most. We were feeling a bit sentimental about going home and seeing friends.

Our weekend was just wonderful. Kelly's baby shower was really great...there were some issues trying to get people to participate in the games...but other than that she got alot of really nice things. Karington Bree is already a very blessed baby and she's still got a full month to go until we meet her!

I promise I will post pictures of the two baby quilts I have made in the last few months.

After the baby shower, several groups of friends came over to Brent and Kelly's (where we stayed) to watch the football game and eat. We had so much food! It was just great!

I have a few random (drunk) pictures that I probably won't post cause they really aren't of anything in particular....just groups of people standing around.

Anyway....several people made comments about Scott and I moving back to made us really sad. I really do miss all of our friends there...but I loved most of the things about DFW too. Granted there are things I would change, if I could, but there are just as many of those things about Lubbock...I'm just not there to be reminded of them. I would love to be closer to my parents, I would love to live in a smaller town so that my commute was shorter, so I could be more involved in Madison's life in school and after hours. I feel so detached down here ....I'm a good hour commute away from where I live and while the train ride helps carry the financial burden of that aspect I still feel like I see the people on the train more than I see my family in the evening....I'm not there to drop Madison off at school, or pick her up...or able to have lunch with Scott every so often...I feel trapped in the "concrete jungle" so to speak.

I clocked the trip during 5 o'clock traffic from the new Richardson branch to my drive way...11 minutes flat. I wish, wish, wish and hope, hope, hope that something is decided soon about the Branch Management position for that location. I really feel that being physically closer to home would make my happier even if I still have to put up with the same daily blah of my job. I don't know...I think I'm just ready for a change...and I am eagerly searching for it in anything that I can think of that would provide that for me....but I keep getting disappointed

Monday, November 10, 2008


Where is your mobile phone? desk
Where is your significant other? work
Your hair colour? multi-colored : (
Your mother? missed
Your father? handy
Your favorite thing? warm
Your dream last night? satisfying
Your dream goal? happiness
The room you're in? cubical
Your hobby? creating
Your fear? failure
Where do you want to be in 6 years? DELEGATING
Where were you last night? home
What you're not? quitter
One of your wish-list items? Travel
Where you grew up? Texas
The last thing you did? responded
What are you wearing? suit
Your TV? off
Your pets? menagerie
Your computer? junk
Your mood? reflective
Missing someone? Mom
Your car? parked
Something you're not wearing? socks
Favorite shop? Joann's
Your summer? jam-packed
Love someone? always
Your favorite color? green
When is the last time you laughed? Sunday
When is the last time you cried? Saturday

Sunday, November 2, 2008

yummy good stuff

Ok so yesterday we went to Texas Motor Speedway with some of our Lubbock posse. We always have a good time with them, so I was pretty pumped about seeing them.

We arrive and needed cash to park...something I was not aware of, and therefore not prepared for. So we had to head over to the little grocery they have set up out there to hit up the ATM. We, I kid you not, haven't even been there like 2 minutes and I'm ready to beat the hell out of Redneck drunk bitch in front of us...who apparently couldn't get money from the ATM and felt like screaming "Give me my money you WHORE!" at the machine was productive. Scott reined me in and we got our cash and got out of there.

Moral of this story..NASCAR fans are

Today is my little brother's birthday..he would be 24 years old today. He was killed 17 years ago, that anniversary passed in October. That was a sad day, today we celebrate him. I love you Nicholas. Always and forever.

ok now to the yummy part. I made the absolute best Potato Soup today!

Here's what I did!

Kate’s Potato Soup

Yields: 10 servings
10-12 peeled potatoes, cubed
1 onion, diced
3-4 cloves fresh garlic diced
6 cubes beef bouillon
2 cups milk
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 pound bacon - cooked and
2 cups shredded Cheddar
1.In a large stock pot, sauté onions with fresh garlic in 1 tbsp olive oil.

2. Add potatoes and beef bouillon along with approximately 8 cups of warm water or enough to cover potatoes. Bring to a boil and simmer on medium heat until potatoes are with in 15 minutes of being finished.

3. Add milk and cream of mushroom soup. Use a potato masher and mash to desired consistency. I like mine with a bit of chunk to it, but it's your call. Simmer on low until soup has thickened. About 15 -20 minutes.

4. Serve with bacon crumbles and shredded cheese on top in individual bowls

Please try this and tell me what you think, what worked, what didn't! Enjoy!