Monday, November 17, 2008

Martha Stewart...where does she get this stuff?!?!?

I am sitting here on the couch...Scott's running a fever and layed down early and Madison is tucked away fast asleep. Martha is keeping me company as I search through recipes in search of "something different" as requested by my husband when we were discussing Thanksgiving dinner and side dishes. Thanksgiving is a big deal since I've moved to Dallas because my parents come HERE! I cook and mom and dad sit and relax and I get so much pleasure from that. The holidays are always hard for brother's death is something we always remember and honor him most during the holiday season.

The picture above is from our first Thanksgiving here in Dallas. My first Turkey! Me and my mom and Madison were all crammed in our little apartment kitchen bumping and elbowing each other as we mixed and chopped...It was so much fun..
Good times...we struggled so much that year but the smiles I see on our faces and being here on the couch today make it worth it.

OK holy crap how long was my hair? Hum..maybe I'll let it grow back out...oh who am I kidding?!?

This last picture is in honor of my mother's wonderful Scottie, Duncan. He suffered several strokes over the last few months and my mother finally had to make the horrible decision to put him down just a few weeks ago. We will miss you Mr. Dunky Dog.....I love you!