Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm hot....your go around like you know!

Today is I'm not dressing up ; (
but we ARE going to take Madison and Jojo and meet up with Kim and Martin for some trick-or-treating.

Things have been crazy nuts. We are still trying to get back on our feet from Scott being out of work over the summer. But we are just so close...the end is in sight...but then here comes Christmas....knock me on my ass again... ; )

As usual I am bloggin at work because I have nothing better to be doing with my time...oh wait...I could be working...but where's the fun in that.

So to sum up the last few weeks....
Met my goals
Stinky got can unplug your nose now.
Jai is off again with her "On again, Off again."
My favorite and AW are yelling at each other.... God I wish I could access our cameras from a live computer feed!
Kerrington's baby quilt is under construction!
My butt is seriously getting larger by the minute
and my MIL is driving me Cra-ZA-zy.

Sigh...ok that was alot...
I'll be back later....I promise!