Thursday, November 13, 2008

Take me roads

So Scott and I went to Lubbock and on the way down there we talked about our lives and leaving and why we left and what would bring us back there, what we miss most. We were feeling a bit sentimental about going home and seeing friends.

Our weekend was just wonderful. Kelly's baby shower was really great...there were some issues trying to get people to participate in the games...but other than that she got alot of really nice things. Karington Bree is already a very blessed baby and she's still got a full month to go until we meet her!

I promise I will post pictures of the two baby quilts I have made in the last few months.

After the baby shower, several groups of friends came over to Brent and Kelly's (where we stayed) to watch the football game and eat. We had so much food! It was just great!

I have a few random (drunk) pictures that I probably won't post cause they really aren't of anything in particular....just groups of people standing around.

Anyway....several people made comments about Scott and I moving back to made us really sad. I really do miss all of our friends there...but I loved most of the things about DFW too. Granted there are things I would change, if I could, but there are just as many of those things about Lubbock...I'm just not there to be reminded of them. I would love to be closer to my parents, I would love to live in a smaller town so that my commute was shorter, so I could be more involved in Madison's life in school and after hours. I feel so detached down here ....I'm a good hour commute away from where I live and while the train ride helps carry the financial burden of that aspect I still feel like I see the people on the train more than I see my family in the evening....I'm not there to drop Madison off at school, or pick her up...or able to have lunch with Scott every so often...I feel trapped in the "concrete jungle" so to speak.

I clocked the trip during 5 o'clock traffic from the new Richardson branch to my drive way...11 minutes flat. I wish, wish, wish and hope, hope, hope that something is decided soon about the Branch Management position for that location. I really feel that being physically closer to home would make my happier even if I still have to put up with the same daily blah of my job. I don't know...I think I'm just ready for a change...and I am eagerly searching for it in anything that I can think of that would provide that for me....but I keep getting disappointed