Thursday, September 5, 2013

I went for it...

Board and batten tutorials are all over the place...So I'm not gonna give you a tutorial today. I used Young House Love's general guide and video tutorials and used 1X2s instead of lattice. I will provide you with a whammo blammo before and after-ish. I finally drug myself out of the post baby delivery whatever that funk was...I never understood why something so amazing and wonderful could also make you feel like hell. That's a whole other post. The kids hall bath was in desperate need of some updates. The continuous use of the towel bar as a monkey bar had rendered it useless. My family is not physically capable of hangin' up their towels on a bar. The purple paint was gross and I was tired of seeing the Hannah Montanta shower curtain. So I started with this. Please don't laugh.

I worked furiously over the long weekend to get this done. I was home with the kids, hubby was at work, and I worked with as many materials as I had at home to finish this project before I went back to work on Tuesday. Total cost was just under $60. It could have been less but I purchased pre-primed. I had the primer and paint from previous (door painting) projects. I also already had a nail gun and caulk gun. If I tackle something like this again I will go get a putty knife and some white wood filler. I had to fill the holes twice because I didn't get enough in there initially and that stuff shrinks! Then had to prime over the spots because my filler was tan. Here is the after-ish.
I have ordered the whale shower curtain from Urban Outfitters and I am waiting on that to pick the paint color and hang the little cabinet back up on the wall. I'm hoping someday I can train my teenager to put all her stuff in there, a girl can dream right? stay tuned for a final reveal soon!