Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Little Color Never Hurt Anyone

How on earth am I supposed to choose colors for the exterior of my house? There are like a million out there! Wait there are like a million of each shade out there! What if I hate it! What if my neighbors hate it? What if our hosue becomes THAT house? You know which house I'm talking about...every neighborhood has one!This is pretty much how I feel when I even think about the whole idea of painting the exterior of our home.

We had some pretty damaged parts of our home's exterior trim that we've finally had repaired. The follow up to that is to have it painted. Knowing this day was coming you would have thought I would be totally prepared with paint colors and ideas. But working full time and a new baby in the house...sleep is my number one priority. Which remindes me... I'm tired.

Here's a shot of the house pretty much as it is now with Mr. Jake making a cameo.

I have always always always wanted a blue door. Ever since I saw Knotting Hill. So when we bought our house it had black shutters and a faded stained door I painted it blue. My husband who often humors me actually didn't mind the blue. But I then had to pain the shutters and then complained that the rest of the house needed to be painted. I had this grand vision of grey tones and my bright blue door. This was all before I knew anything about photoshop and all these handy programs were available online that allowed you to digitally paint your home before you ever set foot in a hardware store.But I've been tweaking some images of our home and the red brick just isn't flowing with my grand vision. The budget is not there to paint the brick, which I'm not sure I would do anyway and it's definetly not there to cover it with stone (my dream). So now I'm kind of pouting revisiting some othe rcolor schemes. I'll try and post some color schemes in the next few days. Any suggestions would be appreciated!